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A Warm Bed Awaits…

It was 4 am, June in Florida. Jim & Melody were exhausted from their long trip from New Orleans and were ready for a long rest on a comfortable bed. Fortunately, they new exactly where to go… their new home in Florida.  The bed was new too, it had just been... Read More
Tiny Home Living and a Murphy Bed

Tiny Home Living and a Murphy Bed

Do you live in one of the new “Tiny Homes” becoming more popular in Southwest Florida?If you do, you KNOW that your spaces need to be thoughtfully and efficiently put together. Tiny Homes are popping up in Punta Gorda, Fort Myers, Port Charlotte and Sarasota.500 to... Read More

Why Buy a Murphy Bed?

Season will be here before you know it – along with overnight guest stays. Is your extra bedroom ready? If you’re like most, that space has become an exercise room, the board on the bed serves as a craft table, an extra TV space, etc. It’s going to be a big job to get... Read More
Do you have a cluttered room?

Do you have a cluttered room?

Are you looking for a way to organize and still have room for a friend to visit? Take a look at our latest install, a Bi-Fold bed and wardrobe storage. This setup provides a spacious room and a guest bed, plus, with two side wardrobe storage units, it has plenty of... Read More
Would you like to offer your guests a  poolside room?

Would you like to offer your guests a poolside room?

There is plenty of storage space for towels and patio supplies and guest items, while the two Queen beds provide ample sleeping space. The shelves can be used to display decorations, collectables, family photos or as storage. Pictured below are Queen Side Mount beds,... Read More