The past 2 years of pandemic shut-ins and working from home have caused many to update their homes with space-saving creativity, using a 100-year-old ‘Hide a Bed’ concept.

Host Guests Without Sacrificing a Room

A Murphy bed, with surrounding cabinetry, can turn living space into a bedroom. Here in Southwest Florida, our homes may be smaller than our up-north homes, and a Murphy Bed helps create ‘swing space’, a room that serves as hobby or office space most of the year, but comfortably hosts guests when needed.

A Professional Looking Home Office

With so many still working from home, having cabinetry behind you in a Zoom call is far more professional looking than a bed. Decorated as an office, it can also help you concentrate better too.

Miller’s offers many different styles of Murphy Beds in an infinite, custom-designed-for-you, array of cabinetry.  These can be fitted with a comfortable luxury mattress of your choice.

Miller’s Murphy Bed has been keeping the tradition of the Murphy bed alive, using the original concept of the “Hide a Bed”. Our mechanisms work just like the original Murphy Bed hardware that utilizes balanced springs for easy operation. We also offer some very interesting new designs that expand on the original concept.

Yes, you can buy just the hardware on the Internet. But be wary of ‘knock-offs’ and kits that don’t work as well, and can be outright dangerous to install yourself.

“Everybody all of a sudden was just surrounded by their environment, just sort of thinking, ‘If I’m going to be spending this much time here, I really want it to be great quality space,’” says interior designer and HGTV host Vern Yip.

Buying a bed from Miller’s Murphy Bed gives you the peace of mind knowing that the installation of your bed will be completed by our fully trained staff. They work for us; they are not sub-contracted, so you deal with Miller’s 100% from the start to finish of your project.

With 15+ years of local experience, why go anywhere else!

A Miller’s Murphy Bed (aka Wall-Bed) gives you an extra bedroom when you need it, with the freedom of a functional space the rest of the year. It’s like adding a room to your home at a fraction of the remodeling cost. Get more from your home and make room for things that matter to you.


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