Our customer came to us with a design request. Their 2-bedroom home didn’t have enough space to sleep their daughter & son-in-law plus their 2 teen granddaughters. The home had a small sitting area with a glass slider door to the pool area. They wondered if we could take this space (which they enjoyed using as a sitting area) and add a Murphy Bed.

“Sure,” we said, “we love a challenge!”

Our design team had to work with an existing soffit that was lower than the ceiling height on the wall where the bed was to be installed. However, upon measuring this, we found that there was enough room to install a King-size Murphy Bed!

This size Murphy Bed uses 2 twin frames bolted together and fitted with a King-size mattress. Our clients opted to allow the frames to operate separately instead of as one and fit these with two twin size mattresses.

Lighting in the cabinet ceiling was added. Then we added a pair of Florida-style, paneled bi-fold doors back onto cabinet frame. The doors open out of the way when the beds are in use. When the guests have gone, the beds swing up, the doors fold shut, and the sitting area is back in business!

*We are often asked if we can fit Murphy Beds into an unused closet. Yes! Most of the time they fit quite well.

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A Miller’s Murphy Bed (aka Wall-Bed) gives you an extra bedroom when you need it, with the freedom of a functional space the rest of the year. It’s like adding a room to your home at a fraction of the remodeling cost. Get more from your home and make room for things that matter to you.


See the different styles of Murphy Beds at one of our 3 Miller’s locations in Southwest Florida, more info here https://millersmurphybedoutlet.com/murphy-beds/